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Cemetery Moss Perfume Oil

Cemetery Moss Perfume Oil

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Aroma palette is green and earthy. Highlights include green moss, vintage amber, tobacco smoke, petrichor, myrrh, and rain misted grass. 

Cemetery Moss is a beautifully complex earthy blend which captures an overgrown cemetery filled with ancient stones flocked with thick, green, velvety moss. Faint wisps of tobacco smoke, ghosts of amber, and quick flashes of myrrh reveal themselves on the dry down of this hauntingly earthy and archaically green blend.

This blend is built on a beautifully earthy petrichor -the distinct earthy smell of rain falling on dry soil. As this blend goes through its phases, the green notes reveal themselves alongside subtle mysterious wafts of smoke, amber and tobacco. This deep, earthy brew encapsulates the beautifully timeless haunt of a cemetery in the autumn months.  

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Customer Reviews

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Paige D
I am Addicted.

If you love the smell of wet soil and grass after it rains, please do yourself a favor and get this. Everyday when the air is chilled,foggy and rainy I'm going to be wearing this now.

An olfactory haunting

I think this is the scent that would hang in the air as you try to catch your breath after seeing a ghost shining against rain-slicked headstones in an old cemetery.
Smells very green, with petrichor and more than a hint of gloom. Absolutely lovely & undeniably a unique scent


I am in love with this. It smells just like hiking after a rain shower I'm the fog. The smell also sticks to the skin for a long time, always a positive!

Jodi Lamm
Hall of Mosses in a Bottle

If you’ve ever been to the Hall of Mosses or any of the northern rainforests in the Pacific Northwest, you already know what this smells like. This is the closest anyone’s ever come to bottling that rainforest scent. It starts out quite earthy (which I LOVE), and then it mellows into something almost floral… but spicy too? I’m so bad at describing perfume. But this stuff is good, guys. I’m a new addict. I actually use it to fall asleep sometimes because my anxiety disorder gives me bad insomnia. One drop on my wrists, and I’m back on a hike in the rainforest, breathing in all that green. I can feel my adrenaline reduce almost immediately when I tuck my hands under my head to sleep. Highly, highly recommend.

Stephanie Morales
Very lovely

I was a little worried with this one. It sounded good on paper and when I opened the bottle it was a little overwhelming. I decided to wear it on my day off to test it and it ended up surprising me. I actually really love it when it’s on my skin! It definitely has a little more masculine tone to it in the beginning but throughout the day it changes to a sweeter almost floral tone. Very nice surprise.