Custom Conjure Oil (Pre-Order For 1/21/2019 Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse)

  • $30.00

Your custom magical blend will be crafted on the first night of this months full moon, which arrives on January 21st. This lunar eclipse is the last one that we will see until May 2021. The properties of the Blood Moon make it conducive for any work involving releasing old patterns and welcoming new ones a well as intentions that relate to self love and care. While these themes are recommended, you may choose any theme from the list below or make your own request.

All of my conjure oils are hand-blended, bottled, and cast with powerful and concentrated intention over the course of the full moon to enhance and promote your own rituals, spells, and personal intent. No synthetics will be used in the making of my custom conjure oils and they will contain an assortment of essential oils, herbs, and stones selected by me depending on your request. Each one is crafted specifically for each individual and will arrive with bag colors, crystals, handwritten notes, and/or other unique elements intuitively selected and personalized to your intention request.

You may select from the checkbox list and add additional notes in the text box at checkout if you would like to be more specific in your request. Please note that I will not cast for revenge or love spells that target a particular individual. In lieu of revenge, please select "bounce back/protection" as this type of intention will ultimately be more effective. 

Deadline for Pre-Order: Sunday, January 20th, 2019

Shipping Date: Monday, January 28th, 2019 (Please note that if you order additional items when you purchase custom conjure, all of your items will ship together on this date)

Suggested Uses:

  • To charge your space with the energy of the intention, add a few drops to a wet cloth and pass over surfaces and objects.
  • To amplify crystals and gemstones, add a few drops to a bowl of water, add the stones, and set out the bowl under sunlight or moonlight for at least 12 hours.
  • Dress your candles, mojo bags, altar items, and jewelry.

If you intend to wear this blend on the body, please test a small area on your skin first for allergy purposes.


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