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Handmade Dragon's Blood Ritual Oil

  • $20.00

Dragon's Blood is a wonderful amplifier for any magical work and is especially helpful in work related to love, luck, uncrossing, and protection. It can also be used symbolically as blood. It is a beautiful, rich, blood red color in a 10ml clear glass bottle.

All of my conjure oils are hand-blended, bottled, and cast with powerful and concentrated intention over the course of the full moon to enhance and promote your own rituals, spells, and personal intent. You can use them to dress your candles, mojo bags, altar items, and jewelry as well as to amplify crystals and gemstones with your intention.

If you intend to wear this blend on the body, please test a small area on your skin first for allergy purposes. Resin will naturally settle to the bottom, so please shake well before using. Contains hand crushed Dragon’s Blood resin in a base of fractionated coconut oil. 

Dragon's Blood is not scented, so you may customize it with any one of the following essential oils or opt to have it arrive unscented. I have included some of the magickal properties of each oil below.

Lavandin Essential Oil: Protection, calming, wishes, purifying, and uplifting

Frankincense Essential Oil: Removing negativity, purifying, creating sacred space, and exorcism.

Rose Essential Oil: Love, self love, and emotionally uplifting.

Patchouli Essential Oil: Prosperity, love, and abundance. 

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil: Confidence, calming, and job/work issues.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil: Creativity, joy, and uplifting. 

Dragonsblood Fragrance Oil: This is a premium synthetic with a beautiful floral, earthy, and slightly green aroma.


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