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Black Baccara Oils

Handmade Vision Oil

Handmade Vision Oil

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A powerful magical aid for all forms of psychic and divination work, my Vision oil was created to aid in tarot card readings, scrying, psychic readings, crystal work, and all works which require tapping into inner vision and intuition. 

This blend includes chamomile flower, jasmine flower, motherwort, essential oils of greek lavender and lemon, moon charged clear quartz crystals, and small pieces of lapis lazuli. These elements were all chosen for both their protective qualities and their intuition enhancing qualities. Use this oil to both create a sacred space and create an environment of receptivity to your inner voice. This magickal blend is also finished with sparkling and earth-friendly, biodegradable amethyst glitter which gives it a beautiful snow globe effect and makes it a lovely addition when used as a candle dressing or when added to a bath. 

Suggested Uses:

  • Anoint your tarot deck with a few drops before beginning a session.
  • Anoint your third eye before meditating.
  • Dress candles, crystals, and other tools 
  • Use a few drops in a ritual bath.

15ml rectangular glass apothecary bottle presented in a black gift box.

My conjure oils are hand-blended, bottled, and cast with powerful and concentrated intention to enhance and promote your own rituals, spells, and personal intent and each batch is charged beneath the light of the full moon. If you intend to wear this blend on the body or in a ritual bath, please test a small area on your skin first for allergy purposes. 

To read more about our conjure oils and their uses, please read our blog article on the subject by clicking here.

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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful and high energy

All of these oils are just incredible and I own almost every one. The beautiful packaging is a bonus. You can really feel the intention put into these and they smell absolutely magical.

This stuff is amazing!

I put it on my third eye in preparation for a reading, and it was very stimulating. I felt like I had so much more clarity, even in my "normal thinking" patterns. 😆 If you read Tarot, definitely try this oil!