Handmade Black Banishing Salt (Limited Batch)

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A powerful magical aid for all forms of banishing, my black salt is a highly charged and powerful tool for banishing work. It includes moon charged and ritually prepared Dead Sea salt and charcoal, black pepper, black pepper essential oil, black tourmaline chips, and hawthorn berries. This is a single use bottle and it may be used on its own in a single banishing ritual, or it may be used as a concentrate by shaking it out into a larger bowl of salt.

Suggested Uses:

  • To banish unwanted energies from a residence, sprinkle along the perimeter, concentrate on your intention, and sweep away vigorously.
  • Scatter a thin line across thresholds and windows for protection and banishing. 
  • Use in spell jars, mojo bags, and hex breaking work.
  • To banish a person, sprinkle in their path or use the residue of the charcoal to write their name on a scrubbable surface and focus on banishing them while you scrub the residue away. 

Do not reuse black salts once they have been used ritually as they will hang onto negative energy. The best way to dispose of them is through burial in the ground. The charcoal in black salt will temporarily stain the hands and can be easily removed using hand sanitizer or an exfoliant. 

Not recommended for use on the skin unless it is further diluted. 

Small 10ml decorative glass bottle presented in a black gift box.

My conjure oils are hand-blended, bottled, and cast with powerful and concentrated intention to enhance and promote your own rituals and spells.

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