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Mother Medusa Perfume Oil

Mother Medusa Perfume Oil

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Aroma palette is electric and dark. Highlights include charred tree bark, static electricity, ancient wood,  petrichor, sea soaked rocks, iron, pepper, and amber.

An ode to Medusa, this dark and haunting blend will transport you to the gorgon's lair where earth, sea, and electricity clash. This blend begins with the ominous aroma of charred tree bark after an electrical storm, static electricity hovering over wood remnants and sea-soaked rocks. Earthy elements of oud, soil, and wet leaves set an earthy base that weaves in and out of this unique non-linear blend. Iron and dark sparks fade to a soft, woodsy, pepper tinged amber with a quiet longevity that lingers close to the skin. Fans of Plague Mass, Seance, and Undead may enjoy this blend, because though it contains different notes, it is similarly evocative of a dark and powerful mood.

This limited edition blend is presented in a 5ml amber apothecary bottle or a 10ml rollerball bottle.



Fractionated coconut oil, fragrance.

*We use skin-healthy fractionated coconut oil as a diluent for our oil-based fragrances due to it's non-greasy texture, odorlessness, stability, resistance to oxidation, and unparalleled shelf life.

*Our fragrances are composed of the highest quality essential oils, plant extracts, phthalate free synthetics, house-made accords, absolutes, resins, c02s, isolates, aroma chemicals, professional perfumery bases, and unique compositions crafted by the artist.

What Are Perfume Oils?

Please note that these are not fragrance oils; they are perfume oils (artisan perfumes presented in oil format). They are meant to be worn on the skin and are not suitable for wax warmers, oil burners, or aroma diffusers. The only difference between our perfume oils and Eau de Parfums is the oil format. Many people prefer perfume oils because they wear close to the skin and unfold a bit more non-linearly than Eau de Parfums. For a more in-depth look at perfume oils, please peruse our knowledge base articles.

About Perfume Oils

Perfume oils do not unfold their complexity when experienced directly from the bottle. If you attempt to gauge the aroma of a perfume oil by smelling it from the bottle, your experience will not be accurate whatsoever. Always test perfumes on your body for the full experience.

Apply first to your pulse points (the inner wrists, the base of the throat, behind ear lobes, and the inner elbows) where it will warm with your body heat to unfold the fragrance.

Perfume oil, unlike alcohol-based perfumes, wears close to the skin. It warms on your body, adapts to your body chemistry, and creates a halo of scent on the body. As it fades, perfume oil can be applied throughout the day as a personal aromatic ritual.

Not recommended for those who are pregnant or nursing, children, or pets. Always patch test for potential allergies before applying liberally.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Brandon B

Mother Medusa is mothering! And slaying everyone with her electrifying self! Just don’t look her in the eyes! Haha This fragrance is so cool! It features sea soaked wood burned from electrical lightning strike! Petrichor, charred wood, and static electricity, OH MY! It’s such an interesting atmospheric and is totally worth the journey! Love it!

Amazing Medusa

It is a lightening bolt hitting an ocean wave, illuminating the Gorgon’s haunting form - A feminine, scary, beautiful perfume. It is long lasting and not much is needed to gain the full experience. On my skin, it reads as electricity with sea soaked wood. Something sweet brings this scent to a feminine place. Overall, it evokes pure power and taking back control. It is amazing.

My Favorite!!

I love this scent!!! It's the one I keep going back to frequently. It's hard to describe what it smells to me but I always feel like a feminine and powerful bad ass when I wear this! ❤️

My Holy Grail

Drydown:You're hiding out in a dank, dark cave in a thunderstorm - lightning crashing into an ancient tree near the entrance, and setting it ablaze. The cave is terrifying, you've heard the legends of this place - a place where mortals dare not to tread, half-jokingly referred to as Medusa's lair by children in hushed breaths, but you had no choice but to seek shelter here. You hear a slithering in the dark but it's too dangerous outside to leave and the sound is too far away to be sure that your mind isn't just playing tricks on you, misinterpreting the sound of angry sea waves crashing against the rocks. There's a cold hint of iron, like a dagger hidden in your pocket, your hands anxiously gripping the blade as though you were a child holding on to their security blanket.
After 30 minutes: the fire is dying down, drowned in the unending rain and sea splash - but the char is still prevalent. The char is turning sweet and peppery from amber, with an undercurrent of dark wet rocks. The electricity is still lingering in the air but it's been hours since you've heard a crack of thunder, so you make your way back to the opening of the cave. With each step, you feel the heaviness of each breath lessening - you've survived the night.
Fades out to the memory of a vicious thunderstorm; it has a light throw and lasts on my skin for 8 hours.
My rating: transition from Summer to Fall; a shimmering, starlight silver; 5/5 - I really struggled to categorize this one - it's fire, but it's water; it's electric but it's dark; it's soft and it's strong, it's metallic and sweet and trees and rocks. This manages to be everything all at once without being overwhelming in any way to the point that it almost defies categorization. It's all season appropriate, unisex leaning femme, and truly one of a kind - I'd say it's an aquatic with amber and wood notes and that it's got an unmistakable aura of ancient power. If I had to attribute it to a character outside of Medusa, I would say Amren from A Court of Thorns and Roses - an unknowable creature that is older than the fae realm itself, self described as "a messenger and soldier-assassin for a wrathful god who ruled a young world" that drinks blood to sustain herself and hoards jewelry and baubles like a firedrake in a cave - threatening death to anyone who would disturb them. She has angular silver eyes that seem to swirl like smoke under glass, a voice that is soft, but honed sharper than any blade and is used as a bedtime story to scare young faeries into behaving. This may very well be my favorite fragrance ever that doesn't contain any Wisteria - I couldn't be more thrilled to have a full size bottle of this, and I hope it returns year after year!

So unique

This perfume is so beautiful. One of a kind. So feminine too. I feel lucky to get a bottle of this. ❤❤