Mother Medusa Perfume Oil (Limited Edition)

  • $20.00

An ode to Medusa, this dark and haunting blend will transport you to the gorgon's lair, where earth and electricity clash in a blend which evokes the serpent haired goddess, often referred to as a monster. This blend begins with the ominous aroma of charred tree bark after an electrical storm, static electricity hovering over wood remnants and sea-soaked rocks. Earthy elements of oud, soil, and wet leaves set an earthy base that weaves in and out of this unique non-linear blend. Iron and dark sparks fade to a soft, woodsy, pepper tinged amber with a quiet longevity that lingers close to the skin. Fans of Plague Mass, Seance, and Undead may enjoy this blend, because though it contains different notes, it is similarly evocative of a dark and powerful mood.

Aroma palette highlights include: amber, oud, balsam of peru, whispers of the sea, petrichor, iron and metal, electricity, black pepper.

This limited edition blend is presented in a 5ml amber apothecary bottle with dropper cap and original artwork created by illustrator Lavender Seance. All of our perfumes are presented beautifully packaged, making each of our bottles an artful indulgence for yourself or for gift-giving. We are also happy to box perfumes separately if you are ordering as a gift. Simply leave a note "Box separately" at checkout. If you would like to add a notecard with a handwritten message, the option is available at checkout.This blend is limited to approximately 50 5ml bottles.

This special Limited Edition blend is limited to 100 bottles. Once Limited Editions are sold out, that particular blend is gone forever unless it . Occasionally, if we are able to source the same ingredients to recreate a Limited Edition from the past, we will do a special seasonal re-release. 

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