Limited Batch Crow Moon Oil (PRE-ORDER)

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Pre-Orders for this oil will be open until Sunday March 8th at 8pm EST.

A botanical blend inspired by the renewing and restorative symbolism of the Spring season, lovingly crafted during the Crow moon.

The crow moon will arrive on March 9th. Also known as the worm moon, this moon brings with it the energy of new beginnings, cleansing, and growth. As the ice begins to melt away and the ground breaks open for the first buds of spring, it is a wonderful time to begin new plans and projects and plant seeds for the future. 

I am working with the energy of this moon to create a blend that will help us emerge into a positive space of renewal and abundance after a particularly rough Mercury Retrograde for many and as we move from the cold isolation of winter into the warmth and light of a new season

Everything in this blend is about renewal, cleansing, and abundance, so it is being cast for both cleansing, opportunity and blessings on new beginnings. Use this blend in any of your workings that revolve around the calling forth of spring, growth, clearing away old energies to make way for the new, and calling in blessings. This is a beautiful floral citrus blend featuring essential oils of neroli and lemon. This blend also includes blue vervain for purification, labradorite for removal of energetic blockages, and rosehips for peace, calm, and love. This is the perfect blend for incorporating into your spring cleaning rituals and for setting intentions as we change seasons.

Suggested Uses: Set out in a bowl on your altar as an offering, add a few drops to your ritual bath, pass lightly over surfaces to renew and restore energies, dress mojo bags, crystals, gemstones, and tools used in your work. Can be poured in a bowl to charge your own crystals. This blend also makes a beautiful candle dressing. You may also simply wear this subtle blend as a ritual perfume or as a subtle botanical perfume. You can continue to infuse the herbs in oil or strain them out according to your preference.

15ml glass apothecary bottle with dropper. Ingredients are suspended in a base of organic fractionated coconut oil. Always run a patch test before using on the body. External use only.

Because my magickal oils tend to sell out quickly, pre-orders are available for a limited time to ensure that everyone who wants to acquire a bottle is able to. Limited Batch blends may or may not be available in the general catalogue after the Pre-order period depending on the availability of ingredients once all pre-orders are filled. 

Ingredients: Neroli essential oil, lemon essential oil, labradorite stones, blue vervain, rosehips, fractionated coconut oil.

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