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Black Baccara Oils

Danaidae Eau De Parfum (Limited Edition Resurrection)

Danaidae Eau De Parfum (Limited Edition Resurrection)

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Aroma palette is an earthy gourmand. Highlights include Indonesian patchouli, orange crème, and cocoa powder.

Inspired by the colors of the monarch butterfly, this earthy gourmand was crafted for patchouli lovers. Rich Indian patchouli is accented by smooth cocoa powder and a touch of orange crème. The patchouli here is most prominent and is softened at the opening by an enchanting orange crème. As this blend wears on, the cocoa powder peeks through and dances with the patchouli before the fragrance settles down to a classic earthy patchouli with hints of cocoa.

15ml eau de parfum. We are happy to feature the beautiful artwork of Jasmine Becket-Griffith on this limited-edition bottle.

Please note that EDPs can only ship within the United States and must ship via ground due to alcohol content. If you are ordering other items that you would like shipped First Class or Priority mail, please place that order separately.  

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Megan Workman
A Stunning Metamorphosis of Scents

I'll admit I slept on Danaidae for a long time because I'm not much of a gourmand gal, and the cocoa notes made me hesitate. But I was intrigued by the monarch butterfly motif, and when I read that it wouldn't be made again, I knew I had to act. So I took the plunge, and oh, am I glad I did not miss this beautiful scent. Though the cocoa notes are strong, it does not read as "gourmand" to me. Something about this combo of cocoa, orange, and patchouli just metamorphoses into something unique and elegant. It is now one of my very favorite Black Baccara scents. I fell in love with this scent, And I know others would, too! I hope BB is able to bring back some incarnation of this scent in the future, perhaps as a perfume oil so others who are skeptical may be willing to give it a try. Long live Danaidae! 🦋

Holly Haimes

My husband purchased this for me for Christmas and I am in love with this beautiful concoction! Smells so good on my skin and the scent last a long time.

Delicious perfume!

I absolutely LOVE this scent! It’s so complex and unique, and I get compliments every time I wear it. The patchouli, citrus, and chocolate notes blend and wear so beautifully.

Jenelle DesMarais
My guy likes it and so do I

After application I can really smell the cocoa and yes, it does very much have a gourmand way about it. The dry down reveals the patchouli. I have yet to really smell the orange creme. I put some on yesterday morning at 5:45 a.m. and more than 12 hours later my guy was smelling my neck and telling me how good I smelled. He said it's earthy but good! I may have to buy another bottle...