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Handmade Epidote And Green Jade Statement Amulet Necklace (one of a kind)

  • $72.00

This dramatic handmade statement necklace features a stunning large piece of raw epidote suspended from chunky green jade beads. Epidote is a powerful stone beneficial in grounding, clearing, stabilizing energy, and repelling negative energy. It is said to help enhance the energy of other stones that it comes into contact with. Epidote is also useful in connecting with the earth as well as any work relating to prosperity and material gain.

This beautiful piece of epidote was handpicked for its beautiful organic shape and textures and features the most stunning icy quartz crystal inclusions. It seems to reflect all of the textures and colors of the earth: deep greens, mossy greens, rich browns, and the snowy inclusions of quartz. It is suspended from deep green jade via a blackened brass textured ring and hand painted porcelain clay in sliver. Green jade is a revitalizing stone which helps in all issues of prosperity and abundance. It is historically known as a good luck stone and the combination of epidote and green jade creates this powerful talisman which is perfect for anyone seeking to draw in the energies of earth, prosperity, and abundance.

This necklace hangs at 15.5 inches when clasped and features a beautiful blackened brass hook and eye closure.

All of my pendants ship beautifully presented in jewelry boxes, making them perfect for gifting as well. This is a handmade art jewelry piece and is not suited for showering or submerging in water.


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