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Eternal Roses (Limited Edition)

  • $20.00

Aroma palette is a resinous floral. Highlights include rose otto, Haitian vetiver, bergamont, pink pepper, aged labdanum, and red mandarin.

This evocative rose blend features rose otto pulled into an ever so slight darkness by Haitian vetiver and aged labdanum. Bergamot, pink pepper, and red mandarin keep this blend from veering too far to the dark side while imbuing this true rose fragrance with a hint of the strange and timeless. 

As far as rose blends go, if you enjoy our Black Baccara blend, this may be considered her less brooding sister. It is mysterious without going too dark, yet immerses itself in the shadows much more vehemently than our Phantom Rose fragrance. One can easily imagine opening a trove of Victorian love letters and being ensconced by this haunting blend.

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