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Eternal Winter Perfume Oil (Retired)

Eternal Winter Perfume Oil (Retired)

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Aroma palette is spicy, warm, and soft with tinges of ice. Highlights include fig, anise, fireplace embers, falling snow, cinnamon and Indian sandalwood.

Enter a magical fairy tale world where it’s winter every day. This blend bottles the scents of the season, offering a year-round window into the enchantments of the snowy season. A frozen lake dusted by snow, the embers from a burning fire, and spices wafting from a nearby homestead are just some of the aromas you may experience as this blend unfolds.

This blend features a comforting, slightly spicy palette of fig, anise, sandalwood, frankincense, burning embers, and fresh cinnamon bark. This wintery mix is a wonderful year-round fragrance for conjuring the comforts of the winter months.

    Please note that this fragrance is retiring and will only be available while the remaining master batch lasts.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Please bring it back!!

    This was my all time favorite perfume oil! Please bring it back! The scent was like heaven in a bottle!

    My DREAM Come True!

    After reading the description of Eternal Winter, I purchased the Winter Collection sample set. I knew that I’d love it and the other fragrances included in the set. Eternal Winter is everything I have dreamed of smelling all year long, especially in the summer when I’m longing for my favorite seasons- fall and winter. Every night, I try to fall asleep while imagining I’m in my cabin in the woods near the lake, during a snow storm, with a fire going and mulled cider on the stove. I’ve shoveled the driveway area for the 40th time and I’m relaxing and listening to the fire crackle and the wind howl. It’s dark outside at 6pm and I’m happy. I know this is a nightmare to many people, but it’s always been my favorite time of the year and these things make me feel comforted and cozy. I LOVE that this fragrance helps me to be in that place any time I want.

    Lovely all year ‘round!

    I can’t wear synthetic perfumes (my body chemistry seems to reject them, turning even the priciest of perfumes into headache inducing bug spray smell), but everything I have worn from this shop has been wonderfully divine on my skin! Eternal Winter, though, is one of my absolute favorites. I cannot live without it! It is warm, refreshing, clean ... simply delicious! It is gorgeous on its own, but also works well layered with other BB scents. ❤️

    Winter in a bottle

    This is a perfect scent for anytime of the year.. I am loving it in the summer. Makes me think about a snowy day❄❄

    Deana Miller
    AMAZING products!

    I just have to say everything is gotten from this shop has been top of the line in quality & quantity. The scent blends are so unique & smell so wonderful. I honestly haven't come across one that I don't like.