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Eternal Winter Perfume Oil Sampler (Temporarily Sold Out)

  • $20.00

We are experiencing extreme order volume and this item is temporarily out of stock. Please subscribe to our e-mail list  or follow us on Instagram to be informed of the restock.

Our Eternal Winter perfume sampler set includes five sample vials. The vials in this set are Ebenezer, December's Ghost, Eternal Winter, Snow Angel, And Midnight Mass.

Our generously filled 1ml glass apothecary sample vials will provide approximately 5-7 applications or more per vial and contain a plastic wand in the cap for easy and controlled application. Each set is artfully presented in a mini keepsake tin, making them perfect for gift-giving as well.

Eternal Winter: Fig, anise, fireplace embers, falling snow, cinnamon and Indian sandalwood.

Ebenezer: Old wood floors, chimney smoke, pipe tobacco, pomanders, pine needles, allspice, and overgrown ivy.

December's Ghost: Pomander, fir needle, frankincense and myrrh resin, snow falling on cedars, and mulled apple cider.

Eternal Winter: Fig, anise, fireplace embers, falling snow, cinnamon and Indian sandalwood.

Snow Angel: Autumn leaves, pine needles, neroli cedar, peppermint, plum, cranberry, and fig.

Midnight Mass: Frankincense, myrrh, ancient moss, aged merlot, antique woods, and extinguished candle wick.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Renee B.
Wintery spell

I love the scents in this sampler. I will probably wear them for the Holidays and right through to Spring. Eternal Winter is so nice. Crisp air - but with a hint of berries and smoky woods. Midnight Mass reminds me of exactly that. Being in Church on Christmas eve with all the scents - candles and incense. Snow Angel is soft and sweet, fruity but clean. December's Ghost (my favorite of the lot) is so romantic. Smells like Christmas at home - old books, the fireplace going and sweet aromas from kitchen and candles. Ebenezer is all things masculine to me. Leather, tobacco, brandy and warm wools, but not just for men to wear. I love those scents. Wonderful collection!

Dreaming of cooler days

I bought this in the middle of July because I needed a little bit of winter in my life. Each of these are gorgeous and I cannot wait to full size at least three of them. I would definitely wear any of these at any time of year. Midnight Mass smells exactly like church. Always the most beautiful handmade perfumes from this artist.