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Black Baccara Oils

Fairy Forest™ Perfume Oil

Fairy Forest™ Perfume Oil

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Aroma palette is earthy and fruity. Highlights include airy patchouli, forest floor, spearmint leaf, fresh coffee beans, and clementines.

Enter a soothing, earthy, and uplifting fairy forest in this magical patchouli-based blend. Our airiest patchouli dances with freshly tilled soil to anchor this blend in the earthy sweetness of an enchanting forest floor. On the dry down, fog and spearmint burst through the earthy notes, draping a fresh, clean, and invigorating veil over the deep earthiness. Finally, pops of fresh coffee beans, clementines, and crisp green leaves give this blend a truly unique and mystical aura evocative of misty mornings and magical walks through the forest. 

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Customer Reviews

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Sweet and Earthy

This is a lovely scent. I smelled the patchouli and clementines immediately. It is not an overwhelming scent at all. It's earthy, sweet, and happy.

Wonderful and very unique patchouli perfume

I love patchouli and this is one of the best patchouli perfumes ever. The spearmint and coffee notes make this so unique and lovely!

Fairy Forest

A beautiful light smelling perfume that's mostly Patchouli. I absolutely love it. Patchouli is one of my favorite scents. I am so happy I tried this one!!