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Fairy Stone

  • $14.00

Fairy stones, also called goddess stones, connect us to mother earth and the divine feminine. These unique specimens are from Canada and are composed of calcium carbonate and were formed in deposits left in lakes by receding glaciers. They are a peaceful, nurturing stone that is often associated with fertility and thus can be considered an auspicious stone for creative projects and transitions. They can also be helpful in divination if you take the time to meditate on the unique message of the pattern in each stone.

All of my crystals and stones are meticulously hand-picked for their physical beauty and vibrational energy. They are then cleansed in Dead Sea salt and selenite, set out under the moon, smoke cleansed, anointed with a drop of frankincense, and lovingly packaged in a velvet pouch.  Each stone is similar, yet holds it's own one of a kind patterns and qualities. A decorative card containing the properties of the stone is also included. A stone will be intuitively selected for you.

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