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Black Baccara Oils

Frankenchai Perfume Oil (Limited Edition Resurrection)

Frankenchai Perfume Oil (Limited Edition Resurrection)

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Aroma palette is spicy and warm. Highlights include cinnamon, clove, black tea, nutmeg, pumpkin pie, vanilla whipped cream, and grated ginger.

A bubbling cauldron of the most divine chai tea is the inspiration for this cozy and warm fall blend. Cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and black tea form the base of this spicy and evocative autumnal brew. On the dry down, hints of pumpkin pie emerge, topped with fluffy swirls of vanilla whipped cream and fresh grated ginger.

Presented in a 5ml amber apothecary bottle.




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Customer Reviews

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A Cuddle from a Warm Cup of Chai Latte

This is a marvelous scent. Bakery Cafes during Fall in a bottle. This scent accurately captures the scent of a fresh cup of hot Chai Latte.
At first scent from the bottle, I got a load of overwhelming condensed spices.
At first application, you instantly get a wave of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves with a touch of ginger (or for you, pumpkin spice). The scent of spices usually leans very artificially for me and can be extremely off-putting by being too sweet or intense which would lead to headaches. To my excited surprise, the scent of these spices smells EXACTLY the same as if you were using these spices in real-time when baking or making any spiced teas. To me, these spiced scents were still strong but they are so pleasant and kind and not leaning too heavily towards potpourri. The vanilla whipped cream also makes an appearance alongside the spices but in the background giving a blanket of depth. I can note the pumpkin pie, and somehow, the crust. Cause of that, it does give a touch of freshly baked buttery pastry within the vanilla whipped cream. I also can note the black tea in the background steeping.
Drying down, I get notes of warmed sweetened milk with a little bit of browned buttery pie crust. I suspect the vanilla whipped cream to be the source of that now reading back on the notes. On my skin, I tend to bring forth more milk, honey, caramel, buttery, browned, and creamy blends so this was wonderfully lovely on me. I love this scent so much for when I want to switch it up to something warm and comforting and not so heavy and resinous. It wears like cashmere on the skin and it's like I poured a fresh cup of chai latte on myself when I apply it. It wears nicely through the day and it tends to get slightly buttery and creamier as the spices mellow in with the background and you get a little more of the black tea coming through. If you have the Bath and Body Works scent White Pumpkin & Chai mist and you were expecting a far more rounded and complete scent, this would be the one to replace it with. It's a perfect seasonal scent for Fall and Winter and it is such a warm and cozy scent that cuddles you. This is definitely comfort, whimsy, and fantasy in a bottle in the kindest softest ways.

Smells like a spooky bakery

This pairs perfectly with all of my spice-scented body products! Sometimes I can even mix it with what's left of my Falloween scent.It has so many layers and offers a lovely dry-down. I smell spicy, spooky, and sensational. I've even had coworkers ask to hug me because I apparently smell like a haunted bakery! I only wish this was offered more often along *with* Falloween--but I absolutely understand why it's limited. It's a great product, and I can't wait for more like it! :)




It smells exactly as described - the perfect amount of sweetness blended with dreamy autumn spices. There’s so many layers to this - I just love it so much!


This literally smells like the most perfect cup of chai and I love whatever vanilla note is in this. It’s so realistic but without that sort of “candle” scent you get sometimes from perfumes. Blown away again and I’m coming back for more!