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Black Baccara Oils

Ghost Horse Perfume Oil

Ghost Horse Perfume Oil

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Aroma palette is an earthy green leather. Highlights include freshly cut grass, leather saddle, green ferns, cedar barn wood, hay bales, frankincense, dirt, and a squeeze of lime. 

In this bottle, an apparition of a horse appears on the horizon of a green field after a rainstorm. The damp earth combines with the musk and leathery scent of the horse’s skin in a sensual blend of earthiness and timelessness.

This haunting palette is rooted in two types of cedarwood tinged with leather and soil. Just above, ferns and green grass dampened by the rain seep down into the earthy notes. A murmur of frankincense blows past as an unexpected whisper of lime ties this blend together and seals its eerie equine atmosphere.


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    Customer Reviews

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    Megan Workman
    Intoxicating, Fresh, Unisex

    I've bought my husband several BB scents and I have to say, Ghost Horse is my favorite on him. When he wears it I just can't stop smelling him. The fresh cut grass and leather are the strongest notes to me, and it smells all at once novel and familiar. One of my very favorite BB scents!

    A perfect leathery green

    I love this houses leather notes and paired with the greens this is such a beautiful perfume. It reminds me of warm sunny days laying in the grass as a child and the warm saddle of a horse. My fave signature perfume.