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Ghost Violet Perfume Oil

  • $20.00

Aroma palette is earthy, green, and floral. Highlights include antiqued violet, an antique wooden spiral staircase, aged dark vanilla, and a ghosting of vetiver.

As you ascend the staircase of an 18th century mansion, you feel a chill move through you as a woman dressed in white veils passes slowly across the hallway above you. Upon her head she wears a crown of withering violets. In her hands, she clutches a bouquet of the same. As she fades into the crumbling wallpaper at the end of the hall, she leaves a strange and intoxicating fragrance in the air: Ghost Violet.

Our interpretation of violets features a hauntingly beautiful violet bouquet made slightly earthy by Himalayan Cedarwood and greened ever so slightly by vetiver. On the dry down, quick flashes of cloves and vanilla peek through, softening the violets and enhancing the earth. This unforgettable and ghostly blend has a very antique  feel reminiscent of perfumes of the 1930s.

Please note that natural separation of vanilla will occur in this blend. Shake well and enjoy. 

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Diann D.

    I have a love of violet fragrances this is the most beautiful I've ever had the pleasure to wear!! It is a soft, ethereal gorgeously feminine fragrance. The longevity is average but I will gladly reapply as needed. Wears soft close to the skin.

    Lisa C.
    Not a shy violet!

    Love this scent. It’s not a perfume that ghosts on you 5 mins after application. So happy to have found a violet scent that holds and smells amazing.

    Jacques Guerlain for Morticia

    As I allude to in the title, to me it smells as though Jacques Guerlain (Shalimar, L’Heure Bleu, Mitsouko) did a custom fragrance for Morticia. I really think Kalliope inherited some of his spirit—her fragrances are uniquely her own, but there is something about the balanced beauty of them and the scrumptious, subtle drydown that reminds me of his, without being derivative. Ghost Violet is a lushly gothy violet that doesn’t veer at all into the saccharine territory as is its wont in the wrong hands. Yet even though it’s got a dry sophistication, it still has a sensual gourmand undertone. Perfection, especially if you prefer darker fragrances, but still want to wear something that feels seasonally appropriate in the warmer months.

    Carolyn Maas
    Part of the Vintage Collection

    I own Ghost Violet by virtue of the fact that it came in the Vintage Collection tin. Simply a beautiful, thought-provoking scent. One thing I notice about these perfumes is that they all compliment each other. I put on every single one of the perfumes in the Vintage Collection tin and I smelled fabulous! No two fragrances clashed. I love the name too: Ghost Violet. It fits. I am so happy I found Black Baccara!


    This unique floral fragrance is exactly as described. It’s perfectly balanced and not too sweet!