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Gretel's Revenge Perfume Oil (Limited Edition)

Gretel's Revenge Perfume Oil (Limited Edition)

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Aroma palette is gourmand. Highlights include cedar trees, milk chocolate, buttery toffee, subtle candied green apple, and gingerbread.

This unique gourmand opens with rich, buttery milk chocolate and toffee that quickly makes way for candied apple and faint wafts of warm gingerbread set against a backdrop of soft cedars. As this blend dries down, it settles into a warm buttery chocolate with rich toffee undertones. This is a warm, smooth, true chocolate blend delicately balanced with the most subtle nuances of sugar, butter, apple, and ginger to keep it from veering too sweet.

This limited edition blend is presented in a 5ml amber apothecary bottle and a 10ml rollerball bottle.


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Customer Reviews

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Chocolatey Goodness!

When first applied I got a huge overpowering blast of chocolate and butter. As it started to dry down, a hint of toffee appeared. About 30 minutes in, I got a hint of ginger and cedar, but it was faint and faded pretty fast. Sadly I did not experience and candied apple. When the fragrance had completely dried down, the main notes I got were butter and chocolate (my body chemistry REALLY amplifies butter notes). I really enjoyed this scent as it was a gourmand that was not sickly sweet or artificial smelling. It was really strong when first put on the skin but as it dried down, the scent evened out and became less overpowering. I would recommend this to gourmand fans who like sweet (but not too sweet) fragrances with a hint of darkness to it.


Rich, buttery milk chocolate and toffee are exactly right. This is extremely gourmand and absolutely delicious smelling. The touch of trees is extremely subtle, enough so that if I weren't looking at the notes I wouldn't know they were there. I don't get the apple or gingerbread much, but if you're a fan of buttery sweet scents this is definitely right up your alley. Glad I bought the 10ml. ♥


Fresh out of the bottle, this oil stinks to high heavens. However, upon settling down, it gives off the most lovely, woodsy sweet smell. “Forest candy” is how I’d describe it. It’s strange as heck, but I enjoy it.