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Black Baccara

Halloween Shop Perfume Oil (Limited Edition Resurrection)

Halloween Shop Perfume Oil (Limited Edition Resurrection)

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Aroma palette is a realistic atmospheric. Highlights include rubber face masks, vinyl costumes, theatrical pancake makeup, fog machine, fake blood, and the distant caramelized whispers of wrapped candies.

Halloween Shop is a hyper-realistic fragrance that will transport you to this very specific place any time of year. Here, the artist has captured and bottled the aromas of a Halloween shop. It's a fairly linear fragrance that holds steady with a melange of realistic rubber, vinyl, pancake makeup, fog machine, fake blood, and a very faint whisper of candy. 

If you are familiar with our New Doll fragrance, Halloween Shop is reminiscent of it on the drydown, sans fruit, and with a much darker atmosphere. It's a dusty old costume shop in an old mill building.

If you'd like to read the artist's notes for a more detailed description, please click here to read the blog post.

This limited edition blend is presented in a 5ml amber apothecary bottle.


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Customer Reviews

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Jessica Sarley
Party City in a Bottle

I am a huge fan of atmospheric scents, and this one is a hit! When I put it on, I’m instantly transported back to 1996, walking around a Party City with my mom and sister. I’m smelling the vinyl Halloween masks, the pancake makeup to transform me into a witch, the plastic candy wrappers from the bags of candy we’re buying for trick or treat. It’s a super nostalgic scent for me that makes me smile and remember my childhood. The dry down is powder-y, similar to New Doll, which I adore. Highly recommend!


I love a good atmospheric scent, and this is one of my favorites already! At first, it's mostly rubber and vinyl. Then that glorious pancake makeup comes floating in, softening it all up. The last notes I can detect are candy and fog. Very accurate, and surprisingly wearable. It's so evocative and autumnal. I get a color impression from this one too! It's a bright red, like fake blood in 80s B-horror movies. So fun!


This literally smells like someone bottled up the air from a creepy costume shop. Another amazing atomospheric from this house. I also find it pretty wearable despite how accurate it is and can’t wait to wear it on the first cold autumn day.

Halloween Shop

I have loved every scent I've received from Black Bacarra. That being said, My initial feeling on Halloween Shop was disappointment. Not because it was bad, per say, it was just strange. Unlike anything I've ever worn. But this fact alone drove me to dab a bit on and go to work. Let me tell you, the dry down on this, on me, is lovely. I can't explain how this changed, or maybe it grew on me but it's good. It truly is somehow a comforting scent that has me longing for cooler weather (still 100 here in Colorado) and creepy old costumes Well done again.