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Hummingbirds Perfume Oil

Hummingbirds Perfume Oil

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Aroma Palette is a fruity, slightly floral gourmand. Highlights include blooming tuberose, burnt caramel drizzled bananas, grapefruit and orange bursts, toasted cardamom, and carnival winds.

This enchanting blend will lead you down a path to a magical garden at dusk filled with rich summer fruits and haunting florals. Here, hummingbirds float above the most fragrant night-blooming tuberose as the faint nostalgic scents of a distant carnival periodically make their way into the garden. This blend opens with bananas ensconced in burnt caramel, grapefruit, and juicy oranges set against a backdrop of fragrant billowing tuberose. A touch of cardamom and a hint of carnival winds add nostalgic mystery to this blend, which settles down to a soft tuberose kissed with fruit phantoms.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Ashley Harrington

    This was one of three perfume oils I recently purchased for the first time. I’m hooked! Upon smelling the oil in the bottle, the citrus is bright and rejuvenating while a beautiful, soft haunting floral sneaks up in the background. On my body, the citrus calms a bit, the floral pushes to the foreground, and the caramel banana makes an appearance. I’m in love and I can’t stop taking whiffs of my wrist!

    My summer signature scent

    This is just a truly unique and beautiful fragrance. I would have never imagined tuberose and banana together but they are something special here. The “carnival winds” note is what really amazed me. It’s there in the background, sort of like funnel cakes or churros ever so slightly coming through. Everything from this house is so unique and magic.

    My first BB!

    I’ve been exploring indie perfume for over a year now and finally decided to try BB. Tuberose, banana, and cardamom are 3 of my favorite notes so I HAD to try this. It is gorgeous! Starts off with a banana & cardamom combo, then the tuberose comes in and steals the show. Dry down is mostly tuberose with the warmth of cardamom, & the generally fruitiness of the banana and orange notes!

    The ONE

    This is it. This is THE ONE. Oh my word it is intoxicating and pulls you in, deeply enmeshing you in heady aromas. Who knew cardamom and caramelized bananas could transport you to ancient lands full of mystery and intrigue? Mixed with tuberose and delicate floral scents, I’m so glad I took a chance on this one. It was not at all what I expected. Pure love.

    Jaw Dropping Good

    Hello Hummingbirds! This has got to be the best perfume with a banana note that I have ever smelled. The citrus blends flawlessly with the banana and caramel. I dont know what carnival notes are in this but it's magic and I am in love with this scent. I could wear this all day everyday!