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Jasmine Sorbet Perfume Oil (Limited Edition)

Jasmine Sorbet Perfume Oil (Limited Edition)

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Aroma palette is a floral infused gourmand. Highlights include jasmine vanilla sorbet, marshmallow fluff drizzle, a dusting of tonka bean, and a squeeze of clementine.

This enchanting gourmand dances perfectly between the floral and the gourmand, with a jasmine infused vanilla sorbet as the star of the show. At the opening, this fragrance blooms with fresh jasmine, before morphing into a soft vanilla. One the drydown, a pop of fresh clementine emerges briefly, marshmallow fluff sugars the vanilla a bit more, and a dusting of tonka bean keeps things creamy and warm. This blend settles into a smooth, soft, and utterly timeless vanilla jasmine.

Jasmine lovers rejoice! This years iteration has been slightly reformulated to include aged jasmine absolute for a more jasmine tea-like finish. 

This limited edition blend is presented in a 5ml amber apothecary bottle with dropper cap. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Carolyn Maas
New Fragrance: Jasnilla

I cannot improve on the creator's description of this scent, but I do agree that it is a classic jasmine vanilla when all is said and done. It's pure magic how the different scents come and go; for example, the fluffy marshmallow was utterly delightful for the moment it was there! The balance between the vanilla and jasmine is perfect. There is a razor thin line between smelling one more than the other. Amazing!

Kirsty Elizabeth

Words can't describe how much I love this scent!
Absolutely beautiful x

Amy S.
Ahhh...true vanilla!

It's definitely as described - a gourmand of vanilla. I don't smell the Jasmine here very much nor the orange - but I'm a vanilla freak. If you recall The Body Shop's Original Vanilla from the 90's, this is very similiar, which makes me happy as I detest the perfumey/floral vanillas. It is delicious!