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Black Baccara Oils

Joan Of Arc Perfume Oil

Joan Of Arc Perfume Oil

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Aroma palette is a dark, metallic, smoldering leather. Highlights include smoke, fire, mossy greens, soil, cedar, leather, metal armor, and fog.

This is a sultry, earthy blend rooted in smoke, fire, verdant winds, and leather. This intoxicating perfume begins with quick bursts of mossy greens and rich soil which sink back on the dry down to reveal cedar, leather, warm armor, fog, smoke, and fire. A deeply haunting, empowering and poetic earthy blend.  


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Customer Reviews

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Carolyn Maas
Beautiful and Mysterious

The reviews here inspired me to purchase Joan of Arc. I was not disappointed! A beautifully haunting fragrance that defies a satisfactory description. It is soft, feminine, but with a tiny bite of spice at the end. It really is a lovely scent and you could easily wear on a daily basis. Thank you, Black Baccara!

Lindsay D.
A scent in shining armor

Joan of Arc was my second rollerball purchase from Black Baccara. I had gotten a sample and needed more! It is difficult to fully describe the scent, which is the major charm of these perfumes. Joan of Arc is bright and metallic as armor, a strong scent that invokes the warrior spirit of its namesake.

Saintly and Spicy!

A hauntingly beautiful fragrance, with a harkening back to days of yore. The sweet, spicy and leathery notes with a warm, smoky dry down are reminiscent of the medieval time of Saint Joan. This fragrance is a must-have for anyone who is an old soul!


This is my absolute favorite of all the BB fragrances. It is a smoky, earthy scent. Not necessarily the fragrance for the sweet, floral lovers.

Amazing scent!

I got a sample of Joan of Arc and couldn't be happier with it! On my skin, it smells of fire and very bright notes of metal armor. Such a unique scent, as is the case with each Black Baccara scent I've tried.