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Krampus Perfume Oil (Limited Edition)

  • $20.00

Aroma palette is dark and spicy. Highlights include smoldering cherries, cuban cigar tobacco, vintage bay rum, scorched cypress leaf, and antique suede.

Our Krampus perfume is a holiday event exclusive blend crafted to celebrate the darker side of the holiday season. Experience a trip through a holiday scene in an upside down world where everything shimmers with holiday cheer but holds something a bit more sinister behind the veneer. 

Highlights of this smoky, spicy, dark blend include smoldering cherries, cuban cigar tobacco, a splash of vintage bay rum from a ghostly apothecary, cypress leaf scorched on a bonfire, and antique suede.

This limited edition blend is presented in a 5ml amber apothecary bottle with dropper cap. All of our perfumes are presented beautifully packaged, making each of our bottles an artful indulgence for yourself or for gift-giving. 

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