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Black Baccara

Lacrimosa Botanical Perfume Oil

Lacrimosa Botanical Perfume Oil

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Aroma palette is a dark herbal floral. Highlights include blue tansy, blood accord, blackened rose, and sweet orange.

This deep, haunting, melancholy blend is inspired by Mozart's Requiem In D Minor. Lacrimosa is the Latin word for "weeping/tearful" and also derives from Our Lady of Sorrows, an aspect of The Virgin Mary. It is part of the Roman Catholic Requiem Mass and sits at the heart of our first musically inspired botanical perfume.

This blend opens with the deep blue note of blue tansy, which lingers throughout as the haunting refrain of the blend. As the drydown begins, our blood accord darkens the herbal with a touch of earthy metallic. While this blend lingers on the skin, blackened rose ties each note together and darkens the atmosphere while revealing a wistful top note of sweet orange. 

If you'd like to read a more detailed description, please click here to read the artist's notes.

Presented in an elegant 5ml amber apothecary bottle.

Our botanical perfumes are impassioned, moody blends handcrafted using only the finest natural essential oils, resins, absolutes, and plant materials in a skin healthy base of fractionated coconut oil. Botanical blends are 100% natural and do not contain any aroma chemicals, synthetic fragrance, unnatural compounds, phtalates, or preservatives. Our aroma palettes for our botanical blends rely on the magic of mother nature, as the ancients did when crafting fine perfumes.

Pure plant essences are complex, long lasting, and unfold beautifully on the skin, revealing an emotive scent story as unique as the individual wearing them. They tend to have less sillage than traditional or mixed media perfumes, lingering close to the skin and morphing with individual body chemistry in the most beautiful ways. 

Apply to pulse points and allow to evolve and unfold with your body chemistry, reapplying as necessary as part of your daily ritual. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
A gothic orange

Normally you'd think citrus scents are bright and sunny, but this one manages to be dark and solemn. It was a gamble, getting it blindly, but it turned out quite lovely, and i will be wearing it on colder days for sure.

Incredibly addictive

This scent plunges me into a darker realm. I find it absolutely enchanting. I am partial to darker musky scents, and though this is is more like an embrace and a unique dance between fragrances that are all new to my nose. I seem to smell the color of blue and darker purple in this, like when the day closes and drifts into darkness. When I apply it to my wrist, I can't help smelling it over and over again because it's that good. So far, I'm on my second sample size because I can't quite justify spending 90$ on perfume. But I must admit, I may end up caving at some point.

One of the Best Roses I've Tried

I was a little hesitant to try out this perfume due to the price and the blackened rose -- I am so happily surprised by it! What a beautifully blended botanical perfume. I'm converted. The rose here is surprisingly fresh -- it very much reminds me of a sweet Damascus rose, almost lemony in its brilliance. There's an undercurrent of something dark and soft, though it's quite delicate. For some reason, this reminds me of a true rosewater Turkish Delight from the shelves of a sweet shop tucked away in a Middle Eastern souq. Thank you for creating such a lovely fragrance.

Rebecca Rieser
Intoxicating fragrance!!

As all of Black Baccara's fragrances are unique, this is no exception. Lacrimosa Botanical Oil is a deep moody floral with earthy undertones, and a pinch of sweetness. It is an intriguing scent, blue in color, that lingers long, and will not disappoint. 🖤

Luna Negra
Blown away by Blue Tansy, Rosey dark dreams

As a classical music lover, I was intrigued by the dedication by the inspiration from Mozart. I couldn't exactly imagine it when I ordered, so when this arrived I was truly blown away by the accuracy of the description. I believe, Mozart would truly be honored. In the bottle, blue tansy and orange delight my senses and the more predominant aromas. After dry down on the skin, it my skin exudes a glorious dark and haunting aroma where the blackened rose shines through just enough as through as if the peacemaker that unites the other botanical ingredients in the blend. The botanical fragrances generally have a disclaimer about less sillage than other fragrance formulations. For me, Lacrimosa last quite some time on my skin. I have applied it after a late night shower, and woke up to smelling gorgeous the following morning with the fragrance lasting until early afternoon. Truly a dark beauty.