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Large Black Moonstone Globe #1

  • $120.00

This is the largest of the two black moonstone globes currently available. To view the slightly smaller one, click here: https://blackbaccaraoils.com/collections/crystals-and-stones/products/large-black-moonstone-globe-2

Black moonstone is a stone of protection and emotional healing. It is said to be a helpful stone for new beginnings and forging a new path. Much like the moon, these stones have a beautiful iridescent quality and their silvery grey color sparkles and shimmers when turned in the light. This stone is associated with new moon and has a wonderfully grounding, protective, and joyful energy. It is also a helpful stone for those doing shadow work or working with the divine feminine and lunar magic. 

This large black moonstone globe weighs 530 grams and was picked for its large amount of the most beautiful silver flash and a cavalcade of unique striations. The acrylic stand is included as well as a small card outlining the properties of black moonstone.

All of my crystals and stones are meticulously hand-picked for their physical beauty and vibrational energy. They are then cleansed in Dead Sea salt and selenite, set out under the moon, smoke cleansed, anointed with a drop of frankincense, and lovingly packaged.  

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