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Limited Batch Flower Moon Oil (PRE-ORDER)

  • $23.00

Pre-Orders for this oil will be open until Thursday May 7th at 8pm EST. This blend is available only through Pre-order. Please write "glitter" or "no glitter" in the notes section. If an option is not chosen, you will receive the glitter option by default.

An enchanting botanical oil inspired by growth, abundance, and fertility lovingly crafted during the flower moon...

The flower moon is also known as the Blossom Moon, Budding Moon, and Merry Moon among others. It is a wonderful moon for working on manifesting all of the seeds that have been planted in the months leading up to May. If you have been working on any projects or putting a lot of energy on specific goals, now is the time to give them a big push and Bloom is crafted with this in mind. 

This uplifting blend contains a palette inspired by the sun, blue skies, and blooms. Whether you are using it as a ritual oil, a botanical perfume, or a massage oil, it's a beautiful way to celebrate the emergence of spring.

Use this multipurpose botanical blend in any of your self care rituals and meditations. It has a beautiful floral aroma featuring essential oils of German chamomile and rose. This blend also includes lemon quartz to uplift and inspire, helichrysum for it's balancing and emotionally uplifting qualities, a single pink rosebud to symbolize the flower moon, and plant-based biodegradable holographic glitter (you can also opt to have yours made without the added sparkle). This soothing and magical blend makes a lovely massage oil and bath oil.

Suggested Uses: Set out in a bowl on your altar as an offering, add a few drops to your ritual bath, pass lightly over surfaces to renew and restore energies, dress mojo bags, crystals, gemstones, and tools used in your work. Can be poured in a bowl to charge your own crystals. This blend also makes a beautiful candle dressing. You may also simply wear this subtle blend as a ritual perfume or as a subtle botanical perfume. You can continue to infuse the herbs in oil or strain them out according to your preference.

15ml glass apothecary bottle with dropper. Ingredients are suspended in a base of organic fractionated coconut oil. Always run a patch test before using on the body. External use only.

Ingredients: Rose essential oil, German chamomile essential oil, helichrysum, rosebuds, lemon quartz, fractionated coconut oil, biodegradable glitter.

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