Limited Edition Sample Duo (Seance and November Brûlée)

  • $10.00

Try a sample of each of our new limited edition blends -Seance and November Brûlée.

Seance is a companion scent to our previous Limited Edition Undead. It features the same notes, but in a slightly different composition with added cedar wood. It is very reminiscent of Undead. Haunting, but incredibly soft and beautiful, this is a complex blend of dark incenses, grey amber musk, deep woods, burning embers, and darkened lily. 

This emotive blend begins with a cedar and lily blend, grey amber musk, opoponax, and frankincense. This bewitching palette then reveals myrrh, fire, and church incense on the dry down before settling into the perfect dance between woods, incense, embers, and a deep dark lily bouquet.

This unusual blend has been aged like a fine wine and a little goes a long way, though it wears close to the body creating a ghosty halo of scent.

November Brûlée balances light and dark in a gourmand that is both sweet and strange. As the freshly fallen leaves scurry down the sidewalk, the scents of November begin to waft from kitchens and cafes, evoking quick flashes of memory of so many of the 'ember' seasons long passed. When the seasons change from palettes of light to palettes of darkness, there is a timeless sweetness in the air  -a preview of the cozy holiday months to come.

Candied banana, pumpkin, and thick scorched caramel swirl under a sea of toasted coconut and a hint of fresh squeezed lime before being drizzled with butterscotch. There is a touch of the warm and the strange in this blend, which keeps it from venturing into the 'too sweet' category. 

Includes a 1ml glass vial of each of these two limited edition blends. Available while supplies last.