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Black Baccara Oils

Maman Brigitte Perfume And Ritual Oil

Maman Brigitte Perfume And Ritual Oil

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Aroma palette is dark florals and green. Highlights include moss, dirt, agarwood, ylang ylang, and lily.

This oil was created to honor Maman Brigitte. Maman Brigitte (sometimes written as Manman Brigitte, Mamman Brigitte, and also known by Gran Brigitte) is considered the queen of the cemetery and guardian of all departed ancestors. She is the wife of Baron Samedi and is his female counterpart. She is often petitioned for blessings pertaining to healing and clearing of negative magic as well as issues pertaining to the law and justice. She is often syncretized with Saint Brigid. 

This blend is our interpretation of the scents of the cemetery and can best be described as the more feminine version of our Boneyard perfume. It has a dark, rich oak moss base dressed with hints of patchouli and dirt. On the dry down, phantoms of agarwood and ylang ylang peek through creating a dark and otherworldly aura. Beyond the earthy notes we have tucked a bouquet of white lilies, which become very present once the blend has settled. 

Ritual oils are perfume blends which have been intuitively crafted to honor specific gods, goddesses, and spirits that the artist honors in her personal practice. They may be used ritually, but they are also the same composition as our regular perfume oils, so they may be worn by anyone who might enjoy their unique fragrance palettes. The only difference between our regular perfume oil and our ritual perfumes is the artists inspiration.  

Please click here to learn more about ritual and conjure oils.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Unique and haunting

I would describe this one as a smokey floral, that has depth. It is so unique. After picking my mother up to run errands she asked what I was wearing and that she loved it. And folks, my mother is hard to please! Thanks again for your wonderful work!


Lovely, woody smell to honor Maman Brigitte. I channel her for healing on all levels and this perfume will intensify my connection.

Katy Clemmer

this is my new fave by BB. I have been a loyal customer for a decade. I love this woody, spicy, and mossy scent. Thanks Kalli! Xoxoxox

Elaine Carpenter
My new favorite perfume!

This is exquisite! It's definitely warm and earthy, but it's dark and haunting too. Grave dirt and lilies definitely stand out, but the ylang ylang and agarwood give it an undeniable femininity. Powerful, raw, but still subtle.

Marlee MacIsaac
Maman Brigette

I originally got this as a sample size, and once I smelled it I ordered the biggest size I could get. LOOOOVE this scent. It's replaced the other perfume that I wore daily that was 4 times the price. I definitely recommend!