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Marie Laveau Perfume And Ritual Oil

  • $20.00

Aroman palette is warm and floral. Highlights include vanilla, cinnamon bark, honey, rose, and grapefruit.

In this blend, we honor the Voodoo Queen Of New Orleans who is often petitioned for all manner of blessings in the realms of money, love, relationships, and law. Her encouragement helps lift the veil between worlds, but she also helps in practical matters of the earthy realms. 

To honor Marie Laveau, we have created a blend that can be used to anoint items, altars, and the body in petitions pertaining to love and abundance. Benzoin is the root of this blend, which creates a base of purification and has a vanilla-like resinous scent. Cinnamon bark, honey, and rose quickly reveal themselves on the dry down, along with a faint burst of grapefruit. This is a syrupy, sweet floral and would make a wonderful signature scent for anyone who loves the scent of honey and roses.

Our ritual oils are a special line of perfume oils created to honor specific saints, deities, and goddesses. Each oil is created intuitively and references the qualities, affinities, and energy associated with the subject. The compositions are the same as our perfume oils so that they may be worn as perfumes by anyone who might also enjoy the unique fragrance profiles of these blends.

Ritual oils are created to help transform the everyday into the divine and magical. They can be used to anoint crystals, statues, altar tools, talismans, offerings, and candles. The aroma of each ritual oil is reverently and intuitively crafted to honor the subject that it was created for. These are complex and beautifully unusual blends which may be worn on the body as perfume in addition to their ritual uses.

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