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Marie Laveau Shipwreck Pottery Pendant

  • $28.00

This pendant features an image of Marie Laveau on a sea pottery shard sealed in resin. This is a large pendant perfect for a statement necklace. It has been finished with a clear overlay applied with a brush to give the impression of a painting. The pendant measures just under 2 inches and the reverse shows the original marking of Paris. This unique fragment was chosen since Marie Laveau was sometimes referred to as La Veuve Paris.

Shipwreck pottery (also called "beach pottery" and "sea pottery") originates from pottery, dishes, and china that were discarded into the sea many years ago. Over time, the shards break into pieces and are tumbled smooth by the wind, ocean and sand. I collect these fragments from the shoreline of coastal towns across New England and turn them into one of a kind art pieces. Each piece is unique, with a natural distressed look, crackling, and sometimes original paint or type on the reverse. Pieces are very sturdy and smooth to the touch, with edges tumbled soft by the ocean.

In repurposing these shards, I am inspired by the Japanese concepts of Wabi-Sabi and Kintsugi, which highlight the beauty and history of objects that are broken or imperfect. Each shard has spent years tumbling through the ocean to find a new home in a piece of wearable art which highlights the beauty of its brokenness. The aged, organically shaped pottery fragment lends a relic-like mystery to each finished piece, merging the past and present into something poetic and timeless.

Your new pendant will ship on an 18 inch black waxed nylon cord necklace with clasp. All of my pendants ship beautifully presented in jewelry boxes, making them perfect for gifting as well. Please note that his is a handmade art jewelry piece and is not suited for showering or submerging in water.