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Marley Perfume Oil (Limited Edition Resurrection)

Marley Perfume Oil (Limited Edition Resurrection)

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Aroma palette is dark and woodsy with hints of musk. Highlights include overgrown ivy, antique leather, spikenard, a ghosting of 19th century cologne, yuzu, and an aged laurel leaf wreath.

Our ode to Jacob Marley is a dark, ghostly but beautiful blend that seeks to conjure the spookiest shadows of the season. This haunting blend features the darkest of greens dancing with soft antiqued leather, lifted to the eerie heights by spikenard, aged laurel leaf wreaths, yuzu, and a whiff of 19th century cologne. This is an intoxicating, seductive blend that goes through many changes on the dry down, revealing glimmers and shadows of an old ghost wandering through old houses during the coldest of seasons.

This limited edition blend is presented in a 5ml amber apothecary bottle with dropper cap or a dram vial. 

This blend is a seasonal resurrected Limited Edition, available while supplies last.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jenna Miller

Very lovely from beginning throughout the dry down. I knew I would enjoy this one. Very different, tangy at first. 😍🤩🤗

Jerry B.
Top shelf product made with intention 💜

Awesome as always

Calming green spice & musk

I was very pleasantly surprised by this, it's so different from my relatively sweet-toothed taste in fragrances, (though as I explore this house's work I am finding myself surprised more often than not and probably need to let go of my expectations!). 
For me this opens with a subtle but lovely citrus dancing amongst bay laurel spiciness; I quite enjoy this green spiciness rather than a more aggressive spice from something like clove, etc. As it dries the musk and some powderiness is brought out. The leather seems to be a low hum under the other notes, which I appreciate as someone who doesn't enjoy strong leather notes. The perfume slowly settles and becomes very calming.
From now on, as long as my bottle lasts, I'll be wearing this to enhance my family's December tradition of watching the 1970 musical "Scrooge" in which Jacob Marley is portrayed by a delightfully melodramatic Alec Guinness against the great Albert Finney (highly recommended!)

Spooky beautiful men’s fragrance

This was so unexpected because I don’t usually wear masculine perfumes but I LOVE this one. It really smells like what you would imagine the spooky scenes from a Christmas carol would smell like. My husband loves this one too. It smells like a very old fashioned men’s cologne but it’s unique enough that a woman can wear it too.