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Memento Vivere (Limited Edition)

  • $20.00

Aroma palette is a woodsy, earthy, unisex floral. Highlights include fir balsam, cypress, lavender, spruce, and violets.

Latin for "Remember to live", Memento Vivere is our homage to the sister side of the Latin Phrase "Memento Mori." This haunting dark floral evokes visions of a brilliant purple blooming violet thriving in a deep forest. This blend begins with wafts of fir balsam, spruce, and cypress which give way to pops of calming lavender. On the dry down, the violet emerges as the subtly beautiful star of the blend, blooming more vibrantly as the fragrance wears and dancing in such a unique way with the lavender. This is a truly genderless, timeless woodsy floral that any lover of violet is sure to be enchanted by.

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