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Black Baccara

Occult Bookstore Perfume Oil

Occult Bookstore Perfume Oil

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Aroma palette is woodsy, earthy, and crisp. Highlights include the inky aroma of new tarot decks and printed pages, cinnamon cedar incense, and a melange of dried herbs and potions.

The artists atmospheric ode to occult bookstores, this unique fragrance captures all of the aromas whirling around a bookstore devoted to the magical

At the onset, this blend evokes the inky, papery aroma of freshly printed tarot decks and books before quickly revealing subtle wafts of cinnamon cedar smoke unfurling from a charcoal tablet. The distant aroma of dried herbs and bottled potions lingers steadily in the background. On the drydown, this unique blend settles into a cozy, woodsy, witchy fragrance with realistic paper and ink notes punctuated by herbs and woods.

If you would like to read a more detailed description of this fragrance, please read the artist's notes by clicking here.

This blend is presented in a 5ml amber apothecary bottle.  


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Earthy Anise

I agree with other reviews, on me this is very anise forward, but with some earthy and ink undertones. I do really like it though, but unfortunately it didn't last even an hour on my skin.

Flashing back to my favorite spiritual bookstores

It really is amazing how well this perfumer captured my memories of wandering around my favorite spiritual bookstores. Like someone else said, there is a distinctly absinthe feel about it, but the papery and book notes are very realistic.

Very different from description but lovely

The high notes of this scent are like quickly smells like books. There is a period of all of those with a sweet almost mint flavor. The book smell fades easily. That leaves a absinthe,mint and slightly sweet smell with a good foundational background. THIS IS A SLEEPER SCENT. It maybe different but it's an amazing scent for your skin.

Reminds me of all of my favorite new age shops in one

Another amazing atmospheric from BB. I really like the incense note in this one. It starts off with a fennel or anise type aroma and then fades out into cedar and cinnamon. My favorite part is whatever is in this that’s making the “tarot decks” and books note. It’s so realistic and also reminds me a little bit of newsprint ink. Really loving all of the book fragrances!! Each one really smells as decribed. This one is my second favorite next to book fair.