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Once Upon A Dream (Limited Edition)

  • $20.00

Aroma palette is an earthy gourmand. Highlights include milk chocolate, cardamom, merlot, and Indian patchouli incense.

Be carried away to another time and place with this evocative, romantic blend. This haunting blend is inspired by visions of 18th century soirees and the most aromatically intoxicating parts of castle revelry. A unique chocolate patchouli incense fragrance, this blend is built upon a duo of Indian patchouli incense and rich milk chocolate. As this blend opens, a glass of merlot is in the forefront before fading back to make way for milk chocolate dusted with cardamom. On the drydown, the elements dance together before settling into a rich, earthy chocolate patchouli with ghostings of merlot and cardamom. This blend is evocative of a feast filled with the most delectable of gourmand delights and will carry you away to a magical place and time.

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