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Black Baccara Oils

Ostara Perfume Oil (Limited Edition Resurrection PREORDER)

Ostara Perfume Oil (Limited Edition Resurrection PREORDER)

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Aroma palette is floral and gourmand. Highlights include lilac, dewy grass, peony, a squeeze of honeydew, and a dusting of cocoa powder.

This enchanting re-release of one of our most popular spring-themed Limited Edition harnesses all of the unique aromas of spring and fuses them into a soft floral gourmand. Lilac is the primary floral of this blend and it dances with dew covered grass and peony to create a softly romantic spring bouquet. A squeeze of honeydew melon adds an unexpected fruity freshness while a dusting of cocoa powder peeks from behind the floral veil. This a soft, feminine blend that lingers close to the skin.

This limited edition blend is presented in a 5ml amber apothecary bottle.

Please note that this is for a pre-order to ensure that you are guaranteed a bottle before this fragrance launches in limited quantity. Pre-orders for this fragrance will close on February 15th and processing time will begin on March 1st. 

Pre-orders must be purchased individually or together with other pre-order fragrances. If in-stock items are ordered together with pre-order items, your order will be automatically canceled. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

A perfect touch of spring! Every scent in this collection is perfect for this time of year.


The dusting of cocoa powder in this scent is amazing. The grass and lilac bring a freshness that lingers. Absolutely enjoyable!

Pamela Kirschbaum

I am more of a dark, earthy, incense type but this was amazingly beautiful. I wanted a 5ml bottle but they were sold out so I got 3 1 ml vials. Had I known how much I was going to love this I would have ordered all 10 vials if they were available. I hope you resurrect this one again. I will definitely be back for it if you do. One vial is gone already. Now I have to use the 2 others sparingly. I think it's the chocolate that takes it to a new level, without it it would probably been to floral for me but it was perfect!

Exactly What I Was Looking For!!

I have been looking for the perfect lilac perfume forever, and this is everything I wanted and more! The floral mixed with chocolate is unbelievably sensual, it is beautiful and so unique! I am absolutely in love with Black Baccara perfume oils :D! I will never wear anything else