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Papa Legba Perfume And Ritual Oil (Retiring)

  • $20.00

*Please note that this blend will be retiring soon and is only available while supplies last. Papa Legba will be recreated with a different formula. 

This oil was created to honor Papa Legba. Papa Legba stands at the gates between the living and the dead and facilitates communication, speech, and understanding between the two worlds. He is often syncretized with Saint Peter and Saint Lazarus.

For this blend, we wanted to replicate some of Papa Legba's favorite offerings. This blend is both spicy and sweet and contains notes of cinnamon bark, rum, and candy with faint wisps of butter, cedar wood, and popcorn lingering in the background. This is a comforting, unusual and spicy gourmand.

Our ritual oils are a special line of perfume oils created to honor specific saints, deities, and goddesses. Each oil is created intuitively and references the qualities, affinities, and energy associated with the subject. The compositions are the same as our perfume oils so that they may be worn as perfumes by anyone who might also enjoy the unique fragrance profiles of these blends.

Ritual oils are created to help transform the everyday into the divine and magical. They can be used to anoint crystals, statues, altar tools, talismans, offerings, and candles. The aroma of each ritual oil is reverently and intuitively crafted to honor the subject that it was created for. These are complex and beautifully unusual blends which may be worn on the body as perfume in addition to their ritual uses.

Our ritual oils are presented in 5ml amber glass apothecary bottles with dropper caps and arrive beautifully gift boxed.

Please read our Shipping And Store Policies. Your purchase constitutes agreement with these policies. 


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