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Petrified Wood (Set Of Four)

  • $6.00

Petrified wood is ancient wood that has turned to stone in the process of fossilization. Many of these pieces are millions of years old. This stone is a very earthy, grounding stone and can help create balance. It is also said to help with the process of past life recall. 

Presented in a set of four pieces in a velvet pouch with a descriptive card. 

All of my crystals and stones are meticulously hand-picked for their physical beauty and vibrational energy. They are then cleansed in Dead Sea salt and selenite, set out under the moon, smoke cleansed, anointed with a drop of frankincense, and lovingly packaged in a velvet pouch.  Each stone is similar, yet holds it's own one of a kind patterns and/or unique flash. Stones will be intuitively selected for you. A decorative card containing the properties of the stone is also included.


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