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Plague Mask Perfume Oil (Limited Edition Resurrection)

  • $33.00

Aroma palette is spicy and dark. Highlights include ancient leather, aged suede, antiqued bay rum, wormwood, and palo santo. 

Perhaps our most terrifying blend to date, Plague Mask was inspired by the mask of the same name used in France and Italy in the 17th century. The mask featured a bird-like beak filled with strong smelling substances which doctors believed would counter the "evil" smells of the plague. 

This extremely dark blend is rooted in ancient leather and aged suede lifted to a vintage barbershop type spiciness with an aged bay rum. On the dry down, it settles into darkness with phantoms of wormwood and the unusual earthiness of palo santo. 

This dark, leathery, masculine blend is the perfect choice for those who like to keep their fragrance on the dark side. It would also make a wonderful olfactory accessory to any halloween costume, adding an extra layer of fright to your ensemble. If you enjoy our Hekate and Vena Cava blends, you may enjoy this one as well. 

This limited edition resurrection blend is presented in a 10ml glass roll-on bottle.

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