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Poison Apples Perfume Oil

  • $20.00

Aroma palette is a fruity, earthy musk. Highlights include apple cider, almond slivers, woodsmoke, orris, burning violets, macintosh apple, aged patchouli, and Egyptian musk. 

Please note that as of 4/25/2020 this blend was reformulated to include a different orris note. It does not greatly effect the formula, but there is an added depth to it. If you are concerned about this slight change, please request it as your free sample before committing to a full sized bottle.

Enter a fairy tale aroma landscape where light and shadows dance together in a complex, haunting, and beautifully morphing blend of sweet and strange. Inspired by the tale of snow white, this delicate and entrancing blend walks the balance between sinister and beautiful. On the surface, it is an inviting juicy apple blend. On the dry down, it becomes darker before eventually settling into a soft Egyptian musk with only a trace of apple left behind.

This blend opens with macintosh apple slices set atop thick apple cider and sprinkled with almonds. As it begins to dry down, a darker brew is revealed: orris and woodsmoke dancing together to create dark shadows of burning violets, purple petals revealing quick bursts of scent before being consumed by fire and falling to a ground made of dark aged patchouli. As this scene fades away, the intoxicating scent of egyptian musk reveals itself and lingers as the final ghost of this haunting story.  

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