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Protection Mojo Bag

  • $20.00

This handmade protection bag is suitable for all forms of protection. It already contains a petition for general protection, which can be enhanced by focusing on your own specific intention when the bag is fed, if you desire something more specific. A mojo bag is a ritually prepared bag of herbs, roots, stones, oils, and other items and serves as a powerful point of concentration for your intentions.

Care Instructions:

  • For the first week that the bag is in your possession, keep it as close to you as possible by wearing it on the body or carrying it in your purse. Sleep with it under your pillow for at least the first seven nights.

  • After seven days, you may continue to keep it close or place it in a special spot where only you will see and have access to it.

  • It is important to never let another person see or handle the bag. Do not open the bag.

  • Rub a few drops of protection oil (or other oil that you have consecrated for this purpose) in the four corners of the bag as well as in the center daily for the first week and then daily or weekly according to your preference thereafter. While applying the oil, you should be directing/projecting your energy and petitions toward the bag. This is known as "feeding" the bag.
  • The bag should last until the next autumn equinox if cared for properly. 

External use only. Keep away from pets and children. Do not open.

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