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Pumpkin King Perfume Oil (Limited Edition Resurrection)

  • $33.00

Aroma palette is a smoky gourmand. Highlights include spiced pumpkin, candy corn, smoldering flames, and damp tee bark.

At the edge of the pumpkin patch, a disheveled yet enchanting creature emerges from the darkness. He has the body of a scarecrow and the head of a jack-o-lantern and he holds both a bucket of candy corn and a flaming torch in his tree bark limbs. He is both sinister and sweet and the strange fragrance he leaves beyond speaks to this dichotomy. His bewitching presence fills the air with the smell of scorched sugar, fresh carved pumpkins, and candle wick. 

This blend is a spicy, smoky gourmand which begins with spiced pumpkin and reveals melted candy corn, smoldering flames, and damp tree bark on the dry down. Not your typical gourmand, this blend is the perfect potion for those who enjoy their sugar with a bit of darkness. 

This limited edition resurrection blend is presented in a 10ml glass roll-on bottle.

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