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Rose Gold Ritual Oil And Natural Perfume

  • $23.00

Rose Gold harnesses the magical and olfactory beauty of the rose to create an oil that may be used both ritually and as a perfume. This blend has been crafted with intention to elevate rituals of self care, self love, romance, and beauty using the power of scent, color, and stones. This timeless aromatic oil includes essential oils of rose and ylang ylang, rose quartz, a beautiful organic miniature rose (the smaller dram vial contains only the petals), and earth friendly sparkling gold biodegradable glitter. 

Apply to pulse points for a beautifully romantic personal fragrance, include a few drops in your bath, or use to anoint the body prior to meditation or ritual. 

Available in your choice of either a 10ml glass rollerball bottle or a dram vial.

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