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Black Baccara Oils

Rumseller Perfume Oil (Retired)

Rumseller Perfume Oil (Retired)

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Aroma palette is woodsy, earthy, and spicy. Highlights include tobacco smoke, vanilla, sarsaparilla, bay rum, embers, and cloves.

Experience a trip to an 18th century rumseller’s shop, surrounded by liqueurs and fine tobaccos. A whiff of leather from the clothing of passersby, hints of dusty vanilla, and sarsaparilla waft in the background inviting you to linger longer to explore each finely aged bottle and tobacco box.

This unusual woodsy/spicy blend evokes a turn of the century shop offering bottled libations and cigars. Deep leather combines with spicy bay rum tinged with tobacco, embers and cloves. Wisps of marshmallow and vanilla linger in the background to bring an unusual softness to the blend. This blend is eerie, yet sensual. 

5ml eurodropper bottle.

Please note that this fragrance is retired, but we are offering a small amount of remaining stock.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Each is as good as the next!

My new favorite!

Diann Daniel
Spicey Beauty!

Have been looking at this one for quite a while, but was unsure about the tobacco note. I am so glad I decided to give it a try! The tobacco and ember notes blend so nicely together. This mixed with the spicey rum is delicious without being overly masculine or boozy. It is noticable without being overpowering & has nice longevity!

Ritchie C.

A deeply, deeply, sexy scent. Lovely for the Holiday season, but also, because of the rum, it works well throughout the hotter months. I have three Black Baccara scent oils that I intend to use until I die. Hard to pick a favorite but this might be it. Thank you.

Handsome and mysterious

I love this on my husband. It's woody, slightly smokey, and boozy, but not in a sloppy way. I think it's the sexiest scent he owns. I gave this as a gift to a friend and he loved it too!

Great unisex scent

Rumseller is a great unisex scent. The description sounds more masculine, but I'm a girl and wear this scent as I usually gravitate toward something spicy and not too delicate.