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Black Baccara Oils

Salome Perfume Oil (Retired)

Salome Perfume Oil (Retired)

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Aroma palette is floral and vintage. Highlights include rose, jasmine petals, lavender, nutmeg, thyme, baby powder, floral musk, and sandalwood. 

A door opens revealing a lavish antique bedroom adorned with the finest gilded furniture and lush fabrics. The centerpiece of the room is a gleaming gold vanity table which holds perfumes and adornments perfectly preserved in time. As you step closer, the intoxicating fragrances blend together to form a single haunting aroma.

An incredibly old-fashioned fragrance reminiscent of perfumes of the Victorian era, this blend is very flowery and powdery with just a hint of spice. Lavender, jasmine, rose, nutmeg, and thyme dance with baby powder and sandalwood. This haunting feminine fragrance will take you to another era.

This blend is a new iteration of our Salome perfume which was originally launched in 2010. Nothing has been changed in this formulation and it is true to the 2010 version.

Please note that this fragrance is retiring and will only be available while the remaining master batch lasts.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Luna S.
Salome Perfume

What a beautiful scent and I don’t say this lightly when talking about Black Baccara perfume oils. I’ve had more misses than hits when ordering online until I found Black Baccara. The oils are always of the highest grade. The detail in the packaging is exquisite. It mirrors the high standards of the products. I have sent these as gifts to many friends and they’ve all have raved on the product and packaging. It makes a wonderful gift and if you like perfume oils, this is the best company out there. What sets this company apart is that it consistently puts out unique scents to reflect the seasons. It doesn’t rest on it’s laurels and best sellers. It is continually evolving with new scent lines. As a dedicated perfume lover, this is nirvana for me. Since I have found them, they have become the only business I order from. Ordering is a breeze and delivery turn around is quick. If you are on the fence on trying these get a sample pack. You won’t be disappointed!

Sabryna Eaves
Darkly feminine and stunning

This is one of my all-time favorite scents from any shop. It's a clean floral with sultry, somewhat masculine undertones from the nutmeg and sandalwood. It has a classic edge that reminds me vaguely of old Grimm fairy tales; if any of those dark queens or witches wore a perfume, it would have to be this, which is exactly my aesthetic. It's a really lovely daily/signature scent. I totally intend to get the full-sized version once my 2 mL has run out!

Sarah L.
Feminine and lovely

Salome is a beautiful feminine scent that is clean and somewhat old fashioned. I work with an entire male staff, they compliment me in a non flirtatious manner, my husband tells me I smell clean and soapy...this is not a bad go to on the weekends is always a heady strong sexy scent, but I still love Salome. It has depth, it’s not a scent to go unnoticed just because it doesn’t scream Sexy or Sultry. Love it!

Candice B.
Old fashioned in a good way

The description of this is uncanny for me. When I was little I had a great-aunt who used to keep a bunch of very old fashioned perfumes and dusting powders on top of her dresser and that smell of all of them really stayed with me. Salome is almost identical to how I remember that smell. Really beautiful, feminine, and old fashioned in a fascinating way!!!