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Sanguenta Perfume Oil And Eau de Parfum

Sanguenta Perfume Oil And Eau de Parfum

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Aroma palette is blood tinged musk, woods, and amber with boozy and fruit traces. Highlights include overgrown ivy, ancient trees, blood accord, extra dry champagne, and strawberry amber.

Sanguenta is both eerie and seductive, conjuring visions of a decadent vampire in the most glamorous attire. It begins with a dense forest of ancient trees and overgrown ivy before opening up to a luscious, highly decorated blood accord. The blood accord here is clearly metallic, but ensconced in several elaborate bouquets that keep it absolutely enchanting and a little bit less hyperrealistic than what you experience in our Vena Cava fragrance.

As this haunting brew settles in, you'll detect notes of extra dry champagne, a soft strawberry amber, and an almost imperceptible hint of dried roses. Sanguenta is a truly haunting blend that veers toward the darkness with softened edges. 

This limited edition blend is presented in a 5ml amber apothecary bottle and a 15ml Eau de Parfum.

Please note that Eau de Parfums can only be shipped within the USA. If you place an order for an Eau de Parfum from outside of the United States, your order will be automatically canceled.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

So I purchased this way back in fall. I’ve worn it once and liked it but recently omg! I’ve been complimented so many times, it’s soooo Ugh! Lol So I ran over and remembered it was a limited edition (Waaah) hopefully though I can find something similar if this specific sent doesn’t return.

Seductive and sweet

So I was pleasantly surprised with Sanguenta! I was worried about the blood accord as I'm not a huge fan, but it was so subtle and blended beautifully with the other notes. It is definitely not a prominent note on me. When first applied, the main notes are slightly tinged with a bit of metallic. But it's not an obvious blood scent with my chemistry, just metallic like. The best way I can think to describe the metallic is for example if you buy flowers or roses and they have had dye in the water and it turns the very outer edges of the flower a different color, thats how the metallic tinge portrays itself to me, its a metallic tinge on the edges of the scent if that makes any sense! I smell ivy and cedar maybe? It has a similar cedar smell as Blueberry birds in my opinion. The ivy note reminds me a little of the ivy in Autumn in Salem! The ivy and possible cedar blends with the strawberry amber and champagne so nicely and creates an ivyish, fruity, amber scent that is sweet. On the dry down, the fruity sweet champagne really shines and I don't detect greenery or metallic anymore. It is a nice fruity scent but not overwhelmingly sweet by any means. I was definitely not excepting it to smell the way that it does.


Utterly and completely enchanted. I ended up getting this as a birthday present in addition to the sampler pack I got myself. I love the sampler scents but this is just… so darkly delicious. I tend to favor muskier unisex scents, and this is definitely more sweet and fruity than I would have ever imagined I would wear. I find it complements my other oils so well. Everyday I dab on a bit from my sampler pack and then add a touch of this to lighten it up. My favorite combo right now is Bone Yard and Sanguenta. I would wear this until the end of time if it became a forever scent instead of a limited edition drop. xxxxx

An ever evolving gorgeous fragrance

When first applied to the skin, I got a distinct Woods and Ivy scent. This was quite a beautiful woodsy/green scent. As it started to dry down, the Blood Accord started to creep in. This blended beautifully with the Woods and Ivy. The Blood Accord was not overly metallic at all. As the dry down continued, the Woodsy/Green scent faded and the Strawberry Musk appeared, along with the Dry Champagne. On my skin, these two notes became the main notes of the fragrance along with the hint of metallic from the Blood Accord. It ended up being dry and sweet and unusually delicious! This fragrance was quite a surprise for me as I was expecting the Blood Accord to be the main note I would get with my skin chemistry. Instead, I got a gorgeous blend of many notes that changed and evolved into a beautiful fragrance. It might just be my favorite so far from the Autumn 2022 collection.


Receiving and wearing this scent was a super lovely experience. This scent is so unique and complex. Scents tend to pull on the sweeter side for me personally; so, the strawberry amber definitely makes its presence. The fragrance is so balanced. The "blood tinged musk" and dry champagne complement the strawberry amber very nicely. The scent feels very well rounded and is so lovely.
The overall experience was great: wonderful secure packaging, timely arrival once shipped, and just love reading the descriptions of the different scents and experiences (which feel very accurate)! The scent lasted on me all day. I reapply only to freshen up. Thank you for giving us a unique and quality perfume experience!