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Handmade Huge Selenite And Blue Kyanite Lightworker Statement Necklace (one of a kind)

  • $82.00

This huge handmade statement necklace features a large selenite wand measuring just over 3 inches in length. The top has been molded with porcelain clay which has been hand painted with an antique distressed gold giving the piece a timeless and antique look. A beautifully textured blue kyanite point is embedded in the top of the pendant, which hangs from a heavenly blue pressed glass rosary chain. This is a long necklace (shown short here for detail) and measures 17 inches long when clasped.

This beautiful selenite wand has been charged under four consecutive full moons and has been cleansed and saged for ultimate clarity. Crafted with intention for evoking and harnessing positive energies, this necklace features two powerful stones chosen for this intention. Selenite is a naturally cleansing crystal and is said to discharge negative energies in the environment as well as charge other crystals and stones. Blue Kyanite is connected to the throat chakra and can help with self expression and balance. It is a meditative, calming, and tranquil stone. These two stones dance together in harmony to create a strong calming and uplifting vibration.

All of my pendants ship beautifully presented in jewelry boxes, making them perfect for gifting as well. This is a handmade art jewelry piece and is not suited for showering or submerging in water. Please note that selenite is sensitive to moisture.



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