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Black Baccara Oils

Shadows And Sugar Perfume Oil And Eau De Parfum

Shadows And Sugar Perfume Oil And Eau De Parfum

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Aroma palette is dark, smoky, and gourmand. Highlights include burning embers, potting soil, cotton candy, vanilla, and scorched sugar.

The remnants of an abandoned carnival in a winter field haunt this blend with aromas both shadowy and sweet. Leather and smoke mingles with the scent of melting candy, wet soil, rubber, fire, and vanilla. 

This strange blend is rooted in damp earth and potting soil. At the onset, the blend is on fire, revealing a dark burning wood aroma. As it unfolds, it reveals faint phantoms of cotton candy and vanilla. This blend is both disturbing and sweet, evocative of strange landscapes. Perfect for anyone who enjoys sweet perfumes that still linger on the dark side.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Luna Negra
    Yummy Smoky Sugar

    I love the smell of smoke, I love the smell of sugar. Of course I would purchase this and it does not disappoint. I love how Black Baccara describes this as an abandoned carnival in the winter. That is exactly what I think of when I smell this. In the bottle, sweet, smoky, burned sugar is immediately what comes to mind. After dry down on my skin, I the leather, rubber and in the backdrop of the "scene" unfolding, fire merge beautifully with vanilla candy. This is such an unusual fragrance, cute yet mysterious, and as per the usual with Black Baccara, dark and nostalgic. Magic.

    Fall camping

    For me it smells like when you wake up, unzip the tent, and you can still smell the campfire from the night before. The scent of slightly scorched marshmallows still on you, mixing with the leaves as you step out and realize you need a blanket because you can definitely see your breath. It's perfect. I love the memories it brings.

    Unbelievably Evocative Scent!

    I really didn’t think I’d find this fragrance as accessible as it is. I couldn’t turn down an “embers” note and it is incredibly artistic yet somehow totally wearable. A beautiful and fun scent that I see myself reaching for often!

    Best Fall fragrance ever

    Smells like burnt sugar but not the body spray you had as a kid. It’s truly the most unusual scent I’ve ever smelled and I get a lot of compliments. All I can say is it’s somehow sweet and smoky at the same time and it’s very feminine. Love love love.

    Haunting and sweet

    I'm not gonna lie... i was very scared to buy this perfume for my girlfriend. I've always been very turned off by sugary perfumes because all the ones i've smelled have been way too sweet and gave me migraines and made me nauseous. This one is absolute perfection. It's sugary without being too overpowering and is balanced well with a smokiness. I originally bought this for my girlfriend, but i'll defiantly be using it on myself ha. My girlfriend and I also tested it out on our wax melter and it made our downstairs area smell stunning. We will be buying the biggest bottle of this ASAP!