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Shungite Spheres

  • $22.00

Shungite is a cleansing, purifying, and detoxifying stone which consists primarily of carbon. It is said to protect from the effects of EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) and serves as a detoxifier and highly protective stone. 

These beautiful jet black shungite spheres are highly polished and weigh 32 to 34 grams each.

All of my crystals and stones are meticulously hand-picked for their physical beauty and vibrational energy. They are then cleansed in Dead Sea salt and selenite, set out under the moon, smoke cleansed, anointed with a drop of frankincense, and lovingly packaged in a velvet pouch.  Each stone is similar, yet holds it's own one of a kind patterns and unique flash. A stone will be intuitively selected for you at random.  A decorative card containing the properties of the stone is also included.

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