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Black Baccara Oils

Snow Angel Perfume Oil (Retired)

Snow Angel Perfume Oil (Retired)

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Aroma palette is icy, fruity, and clean. Highlights include autumn leaves, pine needles, neroli cedar, peppermint, plum, cranberry, and fig.

Freshly fallen snow anchors this unique blend with the icy chill of winter evoking visions of nostalgia-tinged Decembers, freshly laundered sweaters, and the thrill of frolicking in the first winter snowfall. 

This sparkling clean, soft, icy, and enchanting blend begins with a vague hint of the ghost of autumn leaves before dispersing aromas of cranberry, pine needles, and a delicate blend of neroli cedar and peppermint enhanced by the faintest bits of plum and fig. This chilly, clean, and faintly fruity blend is a perfect winter potion and a unique year-round signature scent.

    Please note that this fragrance is retiring and will only be available while the remaining master batch lasts.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Amazing winter scent

    I love snow so much, and this is such a wonderful winter scent that evokes snow in a forest with frozen fruit on pine trees. I have never smelled perfumes before that are so unique. Out of the bottle, I smell a strong icy pine/peppermint with fruit right after, and it dries on my skin in a wonderful icy fruit scent. I'm so excited to have this as my winter scent.

    Wonderful, complex scents.

    Wearing each scent seems like a luxury, as the notes change and unfold through the hours. I love the way I smell wearing these oils.

    Luna Negra
    Chilly Paradise

    This is shockingly icy, and I adore it! Winter is my favorite season. Fair warning, I think for those that are not big fans of winter, this may be a difficult fragrance for you. However, for ice princesses like myself, this fragrance is a necessity...ha! I am not sure I have ever had a winter season fragrance as well crafted as this one. Upon smelling it in the bottle, I was hit with the sharpness of ice, pine and cedar. Immediately, I was intrigued, "oooh now this is interesting!" I uttered loud enough for my house mate to hear and laugh at. After dry down and melting into my skin about 15 minutes later, I am met with a really refreshing essence ever so slightly dominated by pine swirling with peppermint, snowflakes, and a hint of sweetness from the teasing of the fig and cranberry. I can almost visualize the colors silver, white with hints of bright blue. This really fresh, icy concoction is spirit uplifting + comforting for this winter fanatic!

    Cool And Comforting

    This is very true to the description. It’s icy, but with such a nice clean and sort of fruity background. I can see this working any time of year and I’ll be returning for the larger roller bottle as soon as this one runs out. Love all of your perfumes. Each one is so different. Thank you!