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Limited Batch Snow Moon Magickal Oil

  • $23.00

A magickal blend inspired by snow globes, lovingly crafted during the snow moon.

The snow moon brings with it a strong energy of preparation and of laying the groundwork for future plans and goals. So much still sits dormant in the winter months, but we know that spring and a period of abundance and growth are right around the corner. The darkness is slowly lifting to give way to light and with that light will come growth and new beginnings. This moon brings with it the energy of expectation and hope. It is often referred to as The Quickening moon since it points to new life, birth, and rebirth simmering just below the surface.

I am working with the energy of this moon to create a magickal blend honoring all of the growth, abundance, and birthing aspects of this moon. The magical star of this blend is blue lotus flower, revered since ancient egyptian times as a symbol of creation and rebirth. I have also included lavender to symbolize serenity and calm as we move into a new phase. The stones in this blend are amethyst for calming, protection, and insight as well as super seven which contains all of the properties of clear quartz, amethyst, smoky quartz, cacoxenite, goethite. lepidocrocite, and rutiles. 

This blend also contains peppermint and lavender oils to honor the snow moon -powerful and cold yet tempered with a serene softness and a promise of growth. This blend also contains plant derived, earth-friendly, biodegradable glitter which gives it a beautiful snow globe effect and makes it a lovely addition when used as a candle dressing.

Everything in this blend is about balance, so it is being cast for both abundance and opportunity while at the same time invoking serenity and peace during transitions. Use this blend in any of your workings that revolve around the changing of seasons, rebirth, invoking abundance and change, prosperity, and achievement. 

Suggested Uses: Set out in a bowl on your altar as an offering, add a few drops to your ritual bath, pass lightly over surfaces to renew and restore energies, dress mojo bags, crystals, gemstones, and tools used in your work. Can be poured in a bowl to charge your own crystals. This blend also makes a beautiful candle dressing. You may also simply wear this subtle blend as a ritual perfume or as a subtle botanical perfume. You can continue to infuse the herbs in oil or strain them out according to your preference.

15ml glass apothecary bottle with dropper. Ingredients are suspended in a base of organic fractionated coconut oil. Always run a patch test before using on the body. External use only.

Because my magickal oils tend to sell out quickly, pre-orders are available for a limited time to ensure that everyone who wants to acquire a bottle is able to. Limited Batch blends may or may not be available in the general catalogue after the Pre-order period depending on the availability of ingredients once all pre-orders are filled. 

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